In this segment, we present you the opportunity to recommend and lead any student activity that might interest you within and outside the university. We will support you through the execution process with the help of the university.

You may wonder, what kind of activity can I recommend? Our answer? There are no limits. You can recommend social activities, academic activities, outreach activities, philanthropic activities and so on. As PhD students, there is no underestimating how creative our brains work. As your doctoral association, we implore you to throw your suggestions at us. We will try our best to help you as much as we can. If you recommend an activity that is beyond our scope, we would transfer your request to capable hands. All in all, we’ve got you!

Who can recommend activities? Any doctoral candidate who is a registered member of DSAiL. Please use our join us form here to contact us. We will then send you all information you need to become a registered member!

Fill out the form below to recommend an activity. You can also mail us.

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