The university of Luxembourg has a student delegation whose primary duty is to communicate to the university governing board, problems relating to students’ welfare, inform students about decisions pertaining to them, represent and defend their interests and contribute to campus daily activities by participating in the management of the Office of Student Life. The president of the student delegation communicates the affairs of doctoral candidates to the university board.

Furthermore, every doctoral school at the university has a designated doctoral candidate representative representing their affairs.

DSAiL is working to partner with all student representatives and form an alliance that would exist to foster the better representation of doctoral candidates within the university and beyond.

Find below a list of doctoral candidate representatives below.

Oleksii Domin – President, Student Delegation

Luca Notarnicola – Doctoral representative, DPMA

Sharif Shahini and Acerina Trejo Machin – Doctoral representative, DPPM

At the moment, we do not have any information regarding the doctoral candidate representatives for:







We will update the website with more information when we know more.

Kindly contact the mentioned persons and/or DSAiL should you need any assistance or require any information.

Information about the doctoral candidate representatives can be found on the embedded urls.

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