Doctoral Students’ Ombudspersons

The university of Luxembourg doctoral students’ ombudspersons are unbiased persons designated by the university to attend to (doctoral) students and support them in case of questions regarding the university rules, support in conflicts and other sizuations that may arise during the duration of their (doctoral) studies. Ombuds persons are known for their confidentiality and professionalism. Their service is free of charge and available to ALL (doctoral) students. At the university of Luxembourg, ombuds persons are spread across faculties and doctoral schools and are at your service. Do not hesitate to reach out to them.

What an ombudsperson can do for you

  • Be a neutral, independent and unbiased mediator between you and your supervisor in a possible conflict.
  • Help you understand your own rights and obligations.
  • Assist you with complaints.
  • Protect your rights and ensure that the university follows the rules in handling your case.

What an ombudsperson cannot do for you

  • Take sides with the student and speak against the supervisor.
  • Decide on the matter
  • Decide how decision-making bodies of the university will adjudge your case.
  • Appeal on already decided cases.
Please, do not hesitate to contact the ombudspersons. They are here to support you during your studies.
If you are unsure about the best way to reach out to the ombudspersons, kindly contact DSAiL.
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