Are you in search of extra-curricular activities to engage in during your PhD studies? Are you looking for information about to register a new association with the university?

Do you want to be updated about campus activities at the university of Luxembourg? The university of Luxembourg student life is here for you. Campus art, sports and well-being are all part of student life at the University of Luxembourg. Keep in mind that admission into all activities are on a first come, first served basis.

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Do you want to participate in some group exercise and break some sweat, get updates about the university campus sports here

For information about general well-being and participating in mindfulness and meditation, please visit https://

The university also presents you the espace cultures , a platform to explore cultural dimensions and explore intercultural activities across the university.

The platform seeks to improve and promote interaction across members of the university community, provide an opportunity to view life through different lenses, emphasize cultural differences, allow cultural appreciation and ultimately promote idea and information propagation to develop culture within the university and Europe at large.

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